It’s been 30 years since the death of Harold Washington, Chicago’s first black mayor. Do you think things would be better for African-Americans if Chicago had a black mayor?


Paris Dorsey

“I loved when we had Harold Washington. I think things would be much better if we still had Harold or a black mayor. I think our community would get more of our needs met.”

R.L. Rodgers

“I most certainly do think things would be better for black people in Chicago if we still had Harold or a black mayor. Harold was a very good guy. He was a good mayor. He was very fair and he cared about all communities.”

Clayton Young

“Basically, it depends on what a black mayor does for us because right now we don’t have no jobs, the kids don’t have anywhere or anything to do. If a black mayor can help us by providing the kids with somewhere to go, then that’s good. A black mayor who doesn’t do anything for us is no good.”

Jermaine Averhart

“I think if we had a black mayor, things would be better for black folks because a black mayor would look out for the black community. He wouldn’t be worse than Mayor Daley or any other mayor. A black mayor will take more time out than anything to help black people.”

Leo Swan

“I think things will be better having a black mayor, and like Harold Washington, he will know the dire needs of black people. He will be very compassionate about his people. I am not saying he would show favoritism because he should be fair. I think we have a good mayor now, but things could be better.”

Zena Stoner

“I think things would be better if we had a black mayor. Our schools would be better, the police would be better, and our communities would be better. I would love for us to have a black mayor again; it would make a difference.”