Maquita Banks

“I am mostly like my grandmother, Martha Banks. I get my personality, sweetness, and kindness from her.”


Humberto Barajas


“Well, the most important trait, I got from my mother, Catalina Barajas, is probably her good looks and charms because she is a very good looking woman. I got her looks, and I am a very happy person in life.


Deangelo Campbell


“The trait I inherited from my mother, Yolanda Campbell-Martin, is in making-decisions. I say this because she started off from the bottom and found a way to the top, so I know I can. It took no time and she’s showing me through example. I’ve learned a lot. Happy Mother’s Day mom, I love you and I’m thankful for everything you have done for me.”


Lillie Hill


“The trait that I inherited from my mother, Hazel Hayes, is that I’m very compassionate, because of the profession we are in. Whenever I have needed her, she has always been there for me. She says, ‘I’m your mother and that’s what I’m here for.’ She taught me to be respectful and to always give because God gives to us.”

Kabrina Shipp

“The trait, I get from my mother, Gloria Scales, is her personality. I love how she respects herself and motivates, and telling us to don’t give up. She’s an independent woman and she doesn’t need anyone to help her on things, and she did it on her own for 23 years. I love my mama.”


Patricia Delgado


“My mother’s name is Karen Hernandez, and I am most like her because she is a thoughtful, warm, loving, and caring person. She is respectful of others; she’s learned how to come from a negative to a positive point in her life and make dramatic changes.”