How much money would it take to get you straight; what would you do with it; and would you like to earn it, win it, or get it as a gift?

Terrell Rollins

“It would take about $100,000. I’d put a park on Parkside and Washington to keep people off the streets. I would like to earn this money.”

Margi Dade

“A billion dollars because I could do anything I want with that. I could build more companies and earn money like that. I’d like to earn this money and save it.”

Zay Robe

“I’d need about a half million dollars. I’d buy property and a recording studio. I would build a theater on the West Side to teach children piano and voice lessons. I would also start a musical theater.”

Kevin Young

“I need about $50,000 to a million dollars. I would take my mother, my nieces and me, I’d get us a house. I’d like to get it as a blessing.”

Henry Stevenson

“A million dollars so I can buy a couple of buildings and some clothing stores, so I can keep making money. I’d also kick my mother down some too. I want this money as a gift.”

Keith Richardson

“It would take about $50,000. I’d buy some property. I’d like to win it in the lottery. I’d like to win a lot more than that!”