Tieree Robinson

“I will be remembering my great-grandfather, Doc Robinson. That was the last holiday I celebrated with him before he died. He taught me a lot of lessons; he taught me how to tie a tie.”

Cyrus Henning

“My best friend, Davin, because that’s my homeboy. When he died I was with him. He died on Washington and Cicero in 1996; a CTA bus hit him. We were on our way to school.”

Rosha Harris

“I will be remembering my grandmother, Lillie Mae Bowman — may she rest in peace. It’s been two years since she passed, and Memorial Day was the last holiday I spent with her because she died just before Father’s Day. She taught me how to cook my butt off. I don’t do it, but I can do it. My favorite thing she taught me to cook was salmon croquettes.”

Lauren Price

“Our dear friend Felicia Easley. We lost her a couple of years ago and it was pretty hard on all of us. She’s that one person when she comes around, she would just make you smile. You can’t even be upset when around her because she would be all up in your face saying, ‘Come on; come on G. Let’s go get something to eat; you want something to drink? Give me a hug.'”

Randy Murray

“I will be remembering the Lord and his sayings because he is coming back soon. Hearten not your heart”

Homer Hardeman

“I will be remembering my father, Homer Hardeman, Sr. He served in the Vietnam War. I’ll be enjoying the rest of the day with my grandchildren. He taught me to always be respectful of people, and to try and do right — I think that will take you a long way.”