When you kill a male, you end that branch of a family tree. Scientists know that females are chromo-logically XX while males are XY. Men have in their yDNA the same yDNA as their father, who has the same yDNA as his father. So if males in a family go back 50 generations for example, the male who is generation fifty (current) will have the same yDNA as the first male who is generation one. It is fascinating to know that human beings can keep a genetic bloodline going forever so long as a male child is born. But if that male is killed, the branch is ended.

There are currently a lot of killings going on within the black community. Every night, the majority of those murders are of young men by other young men. The police normally attribute the reasons for the killings to “gang related.” I often wonder, though, how many of those murdering males think of what they have done in terms of ending a family branch as opposed to “simply” having killed just a single person?

Dealing with crime and criminals is, first and foremost, the purview of the criminal justice system, which is created, maintained and enforced by our elected officials.
After the governor of Illinois, the two most important elected officials are our state’s U.S. senators. And if you haven’t heard what one of them, Sen. Mark Kirk, said about the criminal elements within the black community, let me remind you. The following is from a story published by DNAinfo earlier this month:

“My top priority is to arrest the Gangster Disciple gang, which is 18,000 people. I would like … a mass pickup of them and put them all in the Thomson Correctional Facility,” the Illinois Republican told Fox 32’s political editor, Mike Flannery.

“I will be proposing this to the assembled federal law enforcement — ATF, DEA and FBI,” Kirk said. He said he has talked about the plan with federal prosecutors and the FBI.

“They usually say, when you talk about 18,000 arrests, ‘Oh! That’s a lot!'” Kirk said. “You know, I’ve talked with federal judges about how we could handle hundreds of defendants.”

Kirk cited talks with federal Judge James F. Holderman, chief judge of the U.S. District Court for Northern Illinois.

The gang members would be charged with “drug dealing” and “murdering people, which is what they do,” Kirk said.

Yup, that is the solution proposed by our U.S. Senator Mark Kirk. There wasn’t any mention of the reasons why the “drug dealings” and “killings” are going on.

Unemployment rates in the black community are in double digits. No mention of the suppliers who bring and import the drugs into this country, nor who is supplying the easy access to weapons. His focus is simply on 18,000 black men, whom he sees as future inhabitants of the correctional facility that the state built and then sold to the federal government.

On the flip side is the easy way far too many young black men are headed into the trap that is set before them. They know they are fodder for the prison industrial complex and yet they still go down the road that will lead them in that direction. One of the solutions to fixing and avoiding the trap is an education. The current decision by the mayor of Chicago to close schools and send children into further chaos shows that his concern for that solution doesn’t exist as well.

Prison is just another form of putting an end to the family tree. A man locked up for the rest of his life will eliminate his opportunity to reproduce. Kill the male and you can eliminate that branch of the family tree.

This coming Saturday, June 1, there will be a State of Black Chicago Congress held all day at Chicago State University, 9501 S. King Dr. For more information visit their website at www.stateofblackchicago.org. The event is convened by Ed Garner and Lupe Fiasco and says it will not be “business as usual.”

I hope so.

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