Now that the Chicago Public Schools Board of Education has voted to close 50 schools, what are your thoughts or concerns?

Leo Swan

“Well, it could be a good thing to close some of these schools, especially the ones that are open and the kids aren’t really learning anything or coming to school, but this is a hard thing. I can understand the city’s and the parents’ position. They need to come up with a better plan.”

Anthony Maybry

“Well, it’s nothing much the parents can do about it but set up schedules to make sure their kids get to school safely. They have to find new routes and create new schedules to try and make it work. We just have to see how that goes.”


“How are you trying to keep kids off the streets if you’re closing their schools? How are you trying to keep kids educated if you are changing their teachers? These teachers been there for years; they know Billy Joe needs this special attention to get the job done. If you’re taking these teachers away from that and you’re taking these kids from these teachers who have been there from K through 8, how are they going to learn with a fresh teacher in there?”

Kent Brown

“I think it’s really a dog-gone shame about how many schools they are closing. Instead of putting the money in other things, they should put it in the schools because people are going to be out of jobs. The police gonna have more crime to deal with because the kids won’t be going to school now; they will be fighting other kids.”

Lanyat Pierce

“The kids whose parents are not fortunate enough to have bus fare will miss days. If the kids have to travel from Central to Homan to get to school, they will end up somewhere on Pulaski. The school closing is not going to help because there will be less kids attending school and more kids on the streets creating violence. “

Cheryl Williams

“Right now I think it’s very sad because the kids have to go so far and a lot of them don’t have sisters and brothers to go with them. I think they are doing things that are in the best interest of the government and not in the best interest of the parents and the kids. I don’t think it’s a good idea to close the schools up on them now. Closing the schools let’s the kids know we are closing the schools up on them, and that’s going to cause a big hassle.”