Lillie Sellers


“Today, I think it has changed a lot and women have just as many opportunities as men do. People – not just women – have as big a network as they create for themselves. My career success has come from working a network.”


Athena Williams


“Yes, I think women have fewer business opportunities than men, and I think so for several reasons. One, because we live in such a male-dominated society and because men have always dictated how things go. “


Debra Williams


“I would have to say not really. Women these days are so creative; we have so many skills and talents that are needed in this world today. We have opportunities on the family side that we can help with after-school programs in teaching and nurturing our children. There are so many products and things that women can put their hands around and sell and promote to help the world.”


Angela Walker


“I think that potentially, women have less business opportunities than men, only because I still think that whole ‘Good Ole Boy Network’ is still in place. So women may not have that inside track to different business opportunities. I do believe that women can take full advantage of the opportunities they do have. I think there is potential for access through networking and building relationship with individuals, and leveraging those relationships for opportunities for business success.”


Mary Beth McIntosh


“I do not think women have fewer business opportunities than men. As I think about it, women have really come a long way in the last 30 years with business. Women are very good net-workers, instinctively, and so I think that really helps women with opportunities for new businesses, continuing businesses, and growing businesses. However, I will say there are challenges working in the business environment that we are in.


Pastor Robbie Foster


“I think because of the way society is set up and geared towards men’s careers, woman are not represented like they should be represented. We are living in an old-time, modern society. A lot of men still have those old-fashioned values and feel that a women’s place is not in the workplace, but in the homes rearing children. I think we have come a long way in letting people know that women do deserve the right to work in whatever aspect they choose, but we still have a long way to go.”