Tichina Mables

“When I was younger, when my mom told you to do something, you do it the first time. I allow my children several and several chances to where I darn near have to threaten them just to get it done.”


Larry Rainge


“Getting smart, like mumbling and a smart attitude talking back. I used to get knocked down for that, smacked in the face, and don’t cry.”


Kathy Sikorski


“Not doing his chores like he was supposed to do. When I did that, I got whupped and grounded. How long depended on what I did. It could go from a day to two weeks.”

Roy Lee James

“The way my mama brought me up, I don’t bring mine up the same way. I didn’t have no attitude problem with my kids the way I had an attitude problem coming up, because you got your beating first and things were explained later. I explain things first, and my kids didn’t do it, and they avoided getting beat.”

Sister Mallie Johnson

“I don’t tolerate a lot. I try to keep it fair and respectful. You know, you can’t give the children too much freedom, because they are so advanced now, and you have to keep it real.”

One reply on “What do you tolerate from your children that your parents never would have tolerated?”