Begin again everyday, not just Monday. We start our work week, diets and new ideas mostly on Mondays. As Im writing this it is actually Sunday. I think we get tied into Monday as the first day of the week but in life anyday can be a first day to restart, recharge and to begin again. What I have learned from being a Metaphysical Millionare is that anyday, any moment can be the moment to begin again. We have the power and ability to choose what day, what hour , what minute or second to give oursleves a second chance and begin again. We can use this principle in any area of life we want. We can begin a new job, a new diet, new project and new way of thinking anytime. Today, I challenge those who are reading this blog entry to begin again. If you’ve started something that didnt work out, something you didnt finish, something you havent done or want to do. Dont be afraid, embarrased or discouraged. Today is a new day; Begin again. Do that which is calling you. Let go of self indulgent judgement and BEGIN AGAIN. You have been granted and graced with another day. Step out, step up and begin again.

Life awaits you,

Ollie the “Metaphsyical Millionaire”

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