Patty Swanigan


“From stress, the stress of just living here in Chicago in the wild life. I’d like to live in a better living situation, living area, with less violence. All of that is stressful.”


Nathaniel Neman Jr.


“From drug and alcohol in my neighborhood. I want it out of here. I want to be free from it.”


Pastor Fred L. Johnson


“From violence and evil all over the world. We need more love all over the world.”


Dean Jones


“My grandkids. I would like to stop arguing with them. They want to watch my TV and don’t want to watch theirs. I got them one in the front, but they want to be with granny, and I be telling them to get out of my room. I want to declare that.”


Pastor A.C. Smith


“I’d like to exercise more diligence in watching my diet and study habits and decisions concerning the church and the ministry. I celebrate Independence Day because I love this country, but the men who signed the Declaration of Independence were hypocritical because they themselves owned slaves.”


Eula Walker


“I want to be free from taking dialysis and healed from my kidney illness. I want to live.”