Phyllis Carter

“Oh, wow! Apparently, they like dogs better than the do black men because they let Mike Vick go to jail for killing dogs, and they let this man go for killing Trayvon, a black child.”


Roosevelt McCoy


“The only thing I can say is that it just wasn’t justified. They should have convicted him. What it means for black people is that we still don’t have equal rights.”

Thomas Lumpkin

“I think they should have convicted him because he killed that man for no reason. I think the president should do something because I think it was wrong.”


James Jones Butler


“I think it was straight bull—-. It was a reenactment of how Emmitt Till was treated back in 1955, August 28th. They murdered him, and the guys got off with it. Only God knows what’s right. God, Zimmerman, and Trayvon Martin. “God rest his soul.” But it’s all in God’s hands now, and justice will prevail.”

LaShonda Price

“I think it was wrong, and it was prejudice. For black people, things have gone backwards. That wasn’t justice. That was wrong, very wrong.”


Jameteris Johnson


“I think it was completely bogus. They didn’t look at the facts in the right way. They looked at a few things Mr. Martin said himself and took them out of context. Don’t nobody care about black people. We better start caring about ourselves or we’re going to be in the land of destruction.”

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