Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen as the sacred Bible text describes it. I woke up today remembering in my dreams I was told that my spiritual attribute was Faith. You see I had forgotten it. I have been working toward goals without applying what I spiritually know. Faith is my way of staying in alignement with God’s Will. If I am in Integrity with Spirit and using Faith my Life is showing up as easy not hard. Through Faith we can believe and recieve the intangible manifestation of our hopes and dreams. Through Faith we call forth perfect Health, Wealth and Happiness. When we have dreams of financial freedom, physical good health, mental stability or emotional balance to name a few we must stand on Faith that we will have it. When you use the principle of Faith, you are invoking your spiritual right to call forth that which you desire and believe. I had forgotten this. I had left behind my Faith. If you have a dream or desire you havent seen call forth Faith. She is a good friend, a spiritual partner in you that you can bring up, out and about to help you through the times of challenge. With Faith there is no hopelessness or helplessness there is only the unseen belief and reality of what you desire. Look through your spirutal eyes and see that you have the Faith to call forth what you desire. Stand on faith. Stomp your feet for Faith but what ever you do use it to move you forward. Today, as I took my early mormning walk my Mantra was: Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. It allowed me to open up and remember I havent been utilizing Faith.

I Am Faith

I Am Faithful to my hopes and dreams

I use Faith in All I do

When I look at my life, I see Faith

When I listen, I hear Faith

When I speak about the circumstances of my life, I speak Faith

I live through Faith and all things are given unto me that I am Faithful for.

Faith is my shield from hopelessness and helplessness

Thank you God for my Faith

Please share below how Faith has moved you forward…