The 100 Black Men of Chicago, Inc (100BMC) is disappointed with the verdict reached by a Sanford, Fla. jury in the death of Travyon Martin. Now, a young black man’s dreams and aspirations of a bright future and productive life as an American citizen are gone. We are sadden that the justice for Trayvon has not prevailed, leaving a nation deeply divided and hurt over a loss of one of our promising sons.

The 100 Black Men of Chicago, Inc. stands in solidarity with the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. and our chapter networks in calling on the U.S. justice department to look into Travyon Martin’s death for civil rights violations. It is unjust when there is no accountability for such an unavoidable tragedy, one that can be repeated in the neighborhoods of Chicago, throughout Illinois or communities nationwide.

We stand not only united for the family of Travyon Martin but also support the number of families impacted by the loss of their sons or daughters by violence in Chicago. Travyon represents the son of one of our members or youth we mentor during the school year. It is our duty as an all-volunteer, diverse group of men to be the beacon of light in our communities and mentor the next generation of leaders.

The 100 Black Men of Chicago, Inc. is dedicated more than ever to our mission of improving the quality of life and enhancing educational opportunities for underrepresented youth.

Over the upcoming weeks, we will examine ways for you to become engaged in one of our mentoring programs. Or in our education initiatives as we continue to create opportunities to change the lives of the youth we serve. We can all do more to advocate for justice; for violence prevention in Chicago.

This is not a Sanford, Fla. issue but one that affects our city daily, so we ask that you engage your networks. Actively become involved in your local communities by volunteering your time and talents to mentor our future doctors, lawyers, teachers, business professionals or politicians of this great city.

As an old adage states: “It takes a village to raise a child.” It will take the efforts of all of us to make this a reality today.

Jourdan Sorrell
President & CEO, 100 Black Men of Chicago, Inc.