A child sleeps in his grandmother's arms during the tent revival.

There was a groan from the crowd Sunday July 28 when Pastor Shirley Hughes tried to bring to a close the five-day tent revival at Inspirational Deliverance Center Church of God in Christ.

But the end wasn’t exactly the end. People sprang to their feet with one more song and one more message, this time from the fiery preaching of Elder David Sanders. People danced, hugged and wept. Hughes joined people in the aisles dancing and embraced some of the eight people who were baptized during the Sunday afternoon service.

Hughes called it a “victory praise” saying, “They’re rejoicing in what the Lord has done for them.”

Among the highlights of this 2nd annual tent service, taking place in the church’s parking lot at 647 N. Parkside, were baptisms, as well as a dinner that fed more than 230 people, including many homeless.