I had the opportunity to view Fruitvale Station recently. And as the movie wrapped up and I am left with no words, my mind starts to wonder about the lack of value that black life truly holds.

But as I pondered on that thought I began to get angry; not at white society but at black society. Why are we expecting white America to value our lives more than we do? Why are we expecting them to do something that we don’t? Why are we calling for the heads of George Zimmerman and others when we have failed to call for the many heads of the individuals that have killed our children, on our doorsteps, day after day, month after month, year after year?

Africans were brought here with the intent to be enslaved—mind, body and soul. We were brought for the purpose of growing their land, caring for their needs and breeding more slaves. Is it society’s fault that we have not lost that mentality? We continue to make America rich on the backs of the few. We continue to care for the needs of white America and not our own, and breed more babies to function in the same capacity. Who’s fault is it that our children can twerk at 3 years old but don’t know their ABC’s; can recite a rap song but can’t add; can learn to perform oral sex before learning to cook a meal, and produce a baby before a resume? Why are we so angry because they hold to the mentality that we are slaves, mere animals when we continue to prove them right—day after day, month after month, year after year?

We have chosen not to travel the path that has been carved for us or stand on the foundation that has been built for us. We choose to hold fast to the quick and easy instead of putting in the work that is necessary to raise a productive member of society. One that is able to contribute respectively to the laws that are being established and the justice that is delivered—or their lack of. Instead, we allow them to raise themselves with the limited mentality of entitlement; growing up thinking that society owes them something when they owe them NOTHING!

We raise them on material and not substance. We take our last to buy shoes we can’t afford instead of investing in their education and future.

My heart goes out to the families of Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grantt, Haydia Pendleton, Devin Dyer, Michael Westley, Ashley Hardmon, Damani Hernard and all of those lost to the senseless, ongoing killings. But my heart bleeds as I watch this vicious cycle called life continue and we do nothing to stop it. We continue to place blame instead of taking responsibility when we refuse to look in the mirror to correct what is in our communities, backyards and homes.

This does not apply to all of black society, and there are parents that are doing what is needed but an alarming number who are not. Can we please familiarize ourselves with simple words like accountability, responsibility, contribution and independence instead of depending on words like entitlement, expectation and dependability?