OK, where has summer gone???? We know that in a  few weeks the children will be back in school and this is not the time to panic about all the shopping that needs to be done.  Here’s a few tips you can do so you won’t stress out over your budget. 

1) Obtain a list of items your children will need upon the start of school.  This way you can focus on those items now and get other items in a few weeks.

2) Check online sales for deals:  Target, Walmart, Kmart, OfficeMax, Office Depot are all offering back to school deals right now.  You may also obtain additional discounts by ordering your supplies online and picking them up in the store.

3) Read the fine print–there are penny sales at some of the stores but there usually is a maximum on the number of items you can purchase.

4) Split the cost with other family members.  Bigger stores may have better sales on larger quantities but it may be too much for one family.

5) Help someone else.  If you have supplies left over from last year and can donate them to someone who can use them, please do.  Check with your schools or churches in your community.

Gwendolyn Hawkins

Gwendolyn is a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor with over 20 years credit union experience.  She is knowledgeable of various credit and financial subjects.  For credit and finance inquiries...