Emmanuel Clark

“Yes, I’m a peacemaker. I keep peace by keeping my month closed and controlling my temper.”

Dontai Marcus

“Yeah, I’m a peacemaker. If I see a conflict about to start, I try to mediate it and calm people down. I try to get them to talk out whatever they are arguing about.”


Destiny Thomas


“Yes, I’m a peacemaker. Well, if I see a problem or something, I’ll look at people and say, ‘We already have a lot of violence in the world, so what can we do to help change the world?’ I get involved in programs at my school to help people. I want to help homeless people when I grow up. “


Lateja Enochs


“Yes, I’m a peacemaker, and I help keep the peace by helping others and encouraging them to do better. I don’t fight, complain, or fuss.”


Kelli Bernett


“Yes…whenever I see somebody fighting, I try and break it up. Whenever I see anybody feeling down, I try to cheer them up.”

Braniyah Jackson

“Yes. I try to be nice to everybody and to keep people happy.”