Addie Meets

“Well, it was a nice event. I came out to celebrate and to enjoy myself.”

Victoria Clark

“I think it’s great and the crowd has been good. I think it’s going to boost the community’s morale, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.”

Derris Patton

“I’ve been doing peer jury at the 15th District for two years now, and I’ve been volunteering at events like this every year. I think it’s a good vibe for the community and a way that we bring the community together. I think everyone enjoyed themselves; I know I did.”

Lady D

“I think it was fantastic. It was beautiful. This was the first time coming to the event. I truly enjoyed it and the participation. The music, the people—everything; it was very beautiful. I will definitely come back again and encourage others.”


Steven McKinley


“I’m from the West Side Health Authority and I’ve been involved with this event for two years now. I think it’s lovely to see the people come out as one big happy family on the West Side. It let’s the people know there are more positive things the police can put together to make sure the people have a pleasant time out.”


Charles Decurie


“I’m with CeaseFire, and it’s good for the community. It’s good for the youth to give back and see the people coming together.”