Kristina Ballard


“Being a stripper because I am not going to take off my clothes and shake my booty for a pervert.”


Melya Mitchell


“Being a teacher because I don’t have time to babysit and teach nappy-head little kids. They do too much for me. They’re too bad. They curse at teachers, and that gets on my nerves. My mother is a teacher, and I spent the day with her and I saw what they did to her, and I said, n’all, I can’t be no teacher. I’d smack one of those kids.”


Queshaun Jones


“To be a janitor because I don’t like cleaning up behind other people. People clean my house for me.”


Karyn Rosenthal


“The job of being unemployed because I don’t want to be walking around like the homeless. It’s worse to actually not have a job than to not have a job and working. I’d rather be up and about working than in the house trying to find a job. That’s actually more work than working.”


Princess Moore


“Being a clown or one of those people who come out in costumes to parties because sometimes kids hit on them and think they are toys.”


Shena Jones


“Being a police officer because they are too violent and dangerous. I mean they can protect us sometimes, but a lot of them do stuff themselves. I don’t want to be a police officer.”

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