What do you think about Jesse Jackson Jr.’s 30-month prison sentence and his wife’s 12-month sentence? Do you think they can make a political comeback?


Debra Powell

“I think he got the time he deserves, and his wife too. I think maybe Jesse can make a comeback by his father being Jesse Sr., but not her.”

Lorenzo Watkins

“I think they should have gotten probation. I don’t think they can make a political comeback because they are hungry for money right now.”

Robert Jordan

“I think they got too much time. They should have got a year or something like that, or maybe a fine. I think it’s possible they can make a comeback because everybody makes mistakes, and they didn’t make no real bad mistake, so they’ll be all right.”

Derrick Bell

“I don’t think they can make no comeback. Once you go down for that, you ain’t gonna make no comeback. I think they should’ve just gave dude the time; they shouldn’t have gave the lady, what’s her name? Sandy. No time because she’s with him. I don’t think the time is too little because he shouldn’t have done what he did.”

Marcus Cavett

“I don’t think it’s harsh enough. He spent $750,000 that wasn’t his. Can they make a comeback? Anything is possible nowadays with this government. It’s not the same government from back in the day, so anything is possible.”

Roger Pew

“Actually, I think it was OK. They could have got more because both he and his wife are lawyers. They know the law, and I feel they should have known better. They knew they were breaking the law, and if you’re a lawyer, and you know you are doing wrong, then you have to suffer the same consequences everyone else does. They can try and make a comeback because you have a lot of guys out here that’s done things wrong and made a comeback.”

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