On September second we will hold the third political meeting. Our goal is to allow the general population a chance to get involved in a political process and to let their voices be heard. A few days from now potential candidates are going to knock on doors to get petitions signed to qualify for various political offices. Some of those candidates will not know anything about the community or the office they are running for and the constituencies will not know anything about the candidates or those office. We have been listening to potential candidate in previous meetings but, there will not be any political speeches in the next meeting,

Our focus will be on the peoples’ comments and their ideas about what they will be looking for in the next round of candidates for public offices. We want people to come to the meeting with critical thinking as a result of having analyzed their political positions or situation and have formed thoughtful positions to be discussed. We aren’t interested in gross elucidation or poppycock, but genuine thoughts about how one feels about the state of politics and what they think should be changed or added to the process.

We really don’t care if positions are vampy, egregious, are sorely felt toward politics what we want are authentic points of view presented succinctly definitely not dissertations.

These are the peoples’ meetings who want to be involved to see better candidates with good programs that promotes the wishes of the people and we are going to guard against loud yelling, speaking out of order and cutting people off that are speaking and attempting to take over the meeting and turning it into a personal blatant charade.

The meeting will be held at 531 North Kedzie Ave, Chicago at 6:30 pm. Please come out and bring someone with you and tell the young to come it’s their time to get ready to take over, and warn them that the prerequisite for taking over isn’t age, its qualification and knowhow.

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