Dr. Antwan Hampton is officially running for Illinois State Representative of the 10th District within the Chicago Westside area.

The purpose of this letter is to briefly introduce the Candidate to the community and provide Chicago-land journalists and reporters the opportunity to schedule a telephone or one on one interview and or exclusive with Dr. Antwan Hampton the next Illinois State Representative.

If you are interested in an exclusive as it pertains to Dr. Hampton’s plan not limited too;

  • Let’s Create Opportunities, Let’s agree on Better Leadership
  • Stop Hustling & Create jobs
  • Increase Employment, Decrease Fight for Resources
  • Increase Employment, Decrease Crime
  • Build & invest in Trade Schools, Close Jails
  • Eliminate Criminal Background Checks, Give Second Chances, Employ Minority Men

Dr. Antwan Hampton invites journalists and reporters within the Chicago-land area to schedule an telephone or one on one interview with him so that he can share his vision for District 1o with you. He is not looking for a vote or endorsement, He is looking for journalists with the ability to write a story that best reflects his candidacy, character and plan for the 10th District . As a first step in his constituent familiarization process, To schedule an appointment refer to the contact information below. Attached to this email is an informational campaign brochure highlighting Dr. Hampton’s mission, accomplishments, and plan. Feel free to review the information as well.