Jeffery Gray
“I think when we get better leaders in that’s for the black people and for the black community. I know they can’t make any promises, but if we stick together it shouldn’t be any problem. It might take a year or a year and a half.”  

Johnny Moore
“Not soon, but about 2013 it should be better. It will probably take a war to get better. The last war was about oil.”

Leo Swan
“I think the economy will change soon, but it has to start with the individual; our way of thinking. That’s the only way a change will come about, if a person transforms their thinking into a better way of living. The way the economy is now, maybe a person who’s used to making $40 an hour may now have to downsize to accept $30 an hour until they can do better. I think the way to change the economy is for a person to change their way of thinking.”

Antonio De Bruce
Yes, I do. It will take for us to get lower gas, and to keep the president .We got Obama in office; Danny Davis in office — and for us to stick together and strive for progress in our life. I think it will take maybe one to two years.”

Carita King
Yes. It will take more jobs, and getting all these criminals off the street — it should improve sooner than you think; probably next year. If we get all these criminals off the street we will be fine for next year.”

Tasheika Moore
 Well, it will take them to budget the country a little better, and probably in a couple more years. I think it will take a couple years because it’s in a bad situation right now. I just heard they are opening new markets, but the president has to sign off on it so that we can get jobs coming in soon. If he does sign off on it, then we’ll get some jobs and things will get better.”  

Originally published Jan. 19, 2012.