If I were to ask your family and friends, on a scale of one to 10, how nice are you, what would they say, and why?
Walgreens – Laramie and Madison

Erick Finley

“Probably, like an eight because I’m usually nice. I do get angry but not often. It’s some things that make me angry but not a lot. I have a long fuse.”

Debra Reese

“They would say 10 because I’m loving, I’m giving, and I like to share.”

Candace Tate

“Probably about a seven, I guess, because I can be mean at times.  I know I have an attitude sometimes, but if I have an attitude it’s for a good reason.”

Darnell Olive:

“They will say on a scale of one to 10 that I’m an eight because I am a nice person.”

Donald Harris

“They would say 10 because I’m a nice person; because I give to people in need.”

Jerome Thomas

“They would say a 10 because I am a good person. I’m a warmhearted sweet person. I’m very giving; I’m very respectful, and loving.”