(Austin Community Laundromat, Madison and Central Avenue)

China Kemp
 “I would never sell my body because it’s the greatest thing that you could have.”

Martae Logan
“Rob a bank or steal a car. I want to be famous for something good.”

Deodre Logan
“I would never be gay because I like girls, not boys.”

Jaleeya Adams
“I would never keep a secret from my mama. If someone tried to pay me to keep a secret from my mother and say keep it to myself, I would tell my mother for sure.”

Kyla Crawford
“I would never kill anybody, even somebody I can’t stand.”

Mischell Bryant
“I would not do any illegal drugs because it’s not good for your body, and it’s not good for your mind. I’m pursuing my career as a teacher; I can’t be around children and not be able to function.”