Gloria Harris

“Parents need to put their kids in school and put them in early. They should make them read everyday whether they want to or not. Parents should be a part of their child’s life.”

Sidney Arnold

“It was a tremendous learning experience. The community involvement and social emotional skills I learned will really help me in the work I do.”

Colleen Whittingham

“It was amazing. It was really interactive. It exceeded my expectations. It was flawless and really well done.”

Annie Robertson

“I learned the work we do is so important, and I can’t wait to take the resources back to my community.”


Annie Dempster


“The workshops were amazing. The participants were so excited to be there. They were very engaged and willing to share.”


Dr. Durriyyah Kemp


“”The overall level of engagement was very refreshing to see that everybody chose to be here. They wanted to be here because of the level of concern and care they have for the students.”