Our friend D’Lana O’Neal stopped by last night.  D’Lana is the founder of Local-Motions, a performing arts training program for youth.  She used to live down the street from us and our children would play together while we mom’s visited.  I was surprised to learn that her kids just started new adult-chapters in their lives.  Her son is in Navy boot camp, and her daughter will soon leave for Air Force boot camp.  It’s only been a few years since our kids played together. But as we were talking, my son Paxton confessed he couldn’t remember her kids. D’Lana pulled out her cell phone to show him pictures, but still, he had no memory of them.

Then D’Lana asked Paxton if he remembered interviewing her when Local-Motions celebrated its ten year anniversary.  That seemed to jog his memory, so we turned on the laptop and found the old video.  This happened to be one of the very first Out & About in Austin’s that we did together.   It’s a long one – before I learned that “less is more” in video and print.  But watching this video together, and remembering the powerful emotion of that night, brought back memories not just for Paxton, but for me too.  Paxton was surprised to see me with “happy tears”.  

Sometimes I think I’m growing up with Austin Weekly News.  I’m grateful my son is.  Thanks to everyone for the good work you’re doing on Chicago’s West Side.  You are indeed shaping lives, creating memories, and empowering our youth.    

Dawn Ferencak

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