Regina Johnson
“Yes, I would tell, because I think it’s important to help the community to get some of the crime off the streets. I wouldn’t be afraid or anything.”

Walter Fresh
“Yes, I would, because that’s what’s wrong now, and that’s why people keep doing what they do — because people are scared to tell what they see.”

Kierionna Jefferies
“Yes, I would tell, because it’s right and … it’s right to help the community. It’s too much violence going on in the city, and I think it’s right that everybody should stand up for each other and tell what’s right and stop holding stuff back. We should stand up and tell.”

Sade Allen
“Yes, I would tell, because it’s not right that little kids are getting killed and people are getting away with it and nobody is turning them in because they are scared. I think you should tell.”

Gerald Tiggens
“Well, if it’s something that’s affecting an innocent person, I would like to say that it is something that should be reported instead of just letting it get by. But at the same time, I’d like to keep myself safe, so but, you have to think of the community and the people, so if they’re innocent, I like to take a part of being on the innocent side.”

Portia Stevenson
“Yes, I would for the simple fact that it could be your family that something happened to — friends, family, kids — so, yeah, I would tell.”