Makell Thomas
“I would throw off Wendy Williams because she would be very unnecessary with her comments and what’s going on with the situation. I don’t think she will be very helpful.”

Jerry Murphy
“I’d throw off Wendy Williams because I don’t really like her. I’m not on her like that. I’d keep Queen Latifah because she’s cool. I’d keep Steve Harvey, but Wendy will have to go. I don’t really watch her. “

LaCarrie Brandon
“Wendy Williams; she is a bad talk show host and she is phony as far as being on T.V. — period. I just don’t like her. She’s phony with that weave and trying to dress to impress, and she ain’t doing no good.”

Dominique Love
“Wendy Williams because she does too much; she thinks she’s better than everybody else. She spends too much time talking about people. She’d spend too much time trying to get her hair together and her whole face.”

Roger Calhoun
“I’d throw off Steve Harvey and Wendy Williams, and I’d keep the Queen with me because I like her. She seems to be nice people and I just really like her period.”

 Shenequa Nicholson
“I would say Wendy Williams because she is too judgmental on her show when it comes to talking about people. She’d probably spend too much time trying to get her weave together and talking about people, so she’d have to go.”