Austin Community Laundromat – Central and Madison

JHavell Moore

“The mouse and the cat — that cat and the mouse that’s always fighting, Tom and Jerry. They are funny and the mouse usually wins because he gets the other mice to help him.”

Dylan Jackson

“Patrick on SpongeBob Square Pants because he’s silly. He’s sillier than SpongeBob. I like to laugh at him.”

Kiya Williams

“I like SpongeBob Square Pants because he’s yellow and funny. I like his square pants because they’re kind of silly. I really like him.”


“I like SpongeBob because he is funny and he has square pants. He works at the Crusty Crab. I like his friend Patrick too.”

Jaeterion English

“I like Caillou because he be finding stuff. My favorite show was when he was being a dinosaur. He found an ant and he was thinking.”