Sharon Smith

“No, I didn’t because it be too packed, too crowded; I don’t want to get hurt. You know how people be fighting over material things. I plan to go out this weekend. I have five children, and I have to get about 20 gifts. My budget is about $500.”

Ms. Daniels

“I certainly did not because I didn’t see anything that was overwhelmingly a great deal this year. I have to buy for my three grandchildren and my youngest son —he’s 17. My budget is maybe $400.”

Grace Blaga

“No. I was too tired from the holiday, so I didn’t go out, but my mom did, and she said they had some great bargains at Walmart and Costco. I have nine grandkids and one more on the way, so it’s about 30 people I have to shop for. My budget is about $3,000.”

Trivale Cross

“I did not because I was talking to my auntie. She is a pastor and she said, ‘They are all going to Black Friday, but they won’t give God the time of day.’ I plan to shop, but for only about a good four or five people. My budget is only about $345. 

Terry Taylor

“Yes. I went to Walmart. I wanted a computer and they didn’t have but a few, so I didn’t really get one. The crowd was OK, but the store was disorganized. They didn’t have it set up so you could understand what you had to do to purchase something.  They had those risk bands; I’m done standing in those lines. I, rather, order online. I’m going to spend about $1000 on four or five people.”

Sean Mathis

“No, I didn’t because I wasn’t feeling it for Black Friday. I had better things to do, like sports. I plan to shop for my family; my grandmother and my mother. I don’t know how much I’m going to spend — there’s no price on family.”