Emmia Gearon

“He was this really great guy, and he’s been through some really hard times. I’m sad that he was in the hospital and that he died.”

Bradley Green

“I think he went to jail for no reason because you shouldn’t go to jail for what you believe in.”

Earlean Green

“It is like Gandhi and Dr. King. They set a positive role model for everyone, not just their own nationality of people. His legacy should still go on. I really enjoyed the celebration I watched on television because they were not moaning or crying; they were celebrating his life that he lived. That’s what our younger generation should get out of it.”

Kyle Gearon

“I think he’s a classic hero. He started out as a villain and became a hero. When people look back at him today, you can pick and choose what you want to believe about him. You can pick and choose his villainous parts or pick and choose his heroic parts. All in all, everything he did was done for good. He came out of suffering. His struggle was suffering, and he ended in peace, and there is no better lesson.” 

Laurie Ouding

“I think he is a classic example of humility and taking circumstances that were horrendous and making the most of it. I think he is a great example of how people should live their lives with a loving spirit.”

Jana Mathis

“I have to say it’s to don’t ever give up because he didn’t either.”