Recorder of Deeds Karen Yarbrough

“Well, I’ve had many of them, so it would be anything that didn’t fit. The best gift I ever got was when my grandson gave me a beautiful cape coat. He was 22. It was so nice.” 

Ike Carothers

“Probably some Old Spice Cologne. The best gift I ever got was when my son made me a gift. It was like a little horse that he made, but that was really a great gift. He was only about 7 years old.”

Charlie Ferral

“That’s a tough one; they’re both about the same. There are so many great gifts. My kids were born near Christmas, and my dad’s passing on Christmas Day, so I guess emotionally, that’s probably the toughest one for me. That was about five years ago, on Christmas Day, so for me Christmas is kind of hard. He went peacefully after 80 years of great life, but I hated to lose him on Christmas Day itself.”

Bob Mead

“I think the best Christmas gift was when I was a kid, I was given a Brownie Camera and that’s what started my career in photography. I’ve been a professional photographer for most of my career. The worst gift would be getting the socks and underwear from my grandmother. I had a drawer full.”

Andre Hinton

“The best Christmas gift I got was in 1998 when the Bulls won the championship. I got Bulls tickets. The worst Christmas gift I got was a coffee mug. It said “Christian Community Development Association,” but it was the worst gift because it was a coffee mug, and I couldn’t do much with it. Tickets are good. I was glad to get the tickets.”

Gladston Dussard 

“That’s a very hard question. The best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten was a car. It was a Camaro, a 1980 something. I can’t remember the year. I don’t have a worst gift because all my gifts were good.”