Case Hoogendoorn: 

“I’m going to go down to Florida for New Year’s Eve, and I decided a long time ago that since I can’t keep those resolutions, I don’t make them any more. I’m too old.”

Janeicia Williams

“I plan on spending New Year’s Eve with my family, and usually we stay up until midnight as everyone does. We will probably make s’mores, chill, relax, and talk a lot about how we plan to go into the New Year. Usually we say a prayer going into the New Year just to make sure the year goes as planned. How long it’s going to take me to break them? Probably about a couple of weeks. It never lasts too long. I’m not very good at that. 

John Mirkovic

“This one is easy for me because New Year’s Eve is my youngest daughter’s birthday. She was born four hours before midnight, so we will probably be celebrating as a family. She’ll be 4 years old. As far as resolutions, it will probably take me about six weeks to break my resolutions.”

Michelle Collins

“Well, my husband and I are planning a romantic getaway for New Year’s Eve. Where we’re going is still up in the air. It will probably take me about three months to break my resolutions. 

State Rep. La Shawn Ford

“I’m going to spend New Year’s Eve with my daughter Tia at Key Lime Cove Waterpark. Well, I probably won’t make any New Year’s resolutions. I’ll just stay good.”

Tia Ford

“I’m going to go to Key Lime Cove Water Park with my family. My resolution is that I am going to read every night. I’m not going to break my resolutions because my dad will be disappointed.”

Zora Thomas

“My plan is to spend New Year’s Eve with my family — my husband, our two children, and our two dogs. How long it will take me to break my resolutions? I don’t break resolutions. I make them, but I don’t break them.”