Alderman Deborah Graham (29th Ward)

“One of my resolutions, which is probably the most important one, other than taking care of my health and just being in good spirits, is to continue to work on the road map to sustainability for the Austin community. I plan to start working with the committee heads and start developing things and bringing forth new ideas. I am not going to break this one.”  

Darnell Shields

“Yes, I am going to make one resolution and that is to become more physically active with exercise. I hope to keep it for about two months. If not, I will start all over again until I get it right.”

Kendal Reid

“My resolution is to go and get a physical and checkup from the doctor. I have no other resolutions, and I plan to keep it and go at the first of the year.” 

Rose Marie Rodriquez

“My New Year’s resolution is to work harder at making a success out of my business, Cheese Snack Shop. I plan to keep that resolution.”

Jian Kim

“Number one is to attend more all-girls cocktail parties, which I went to yesterday, and it was just about the best party I went to in such a long time. Number two, I guess this is part of it, and that is to have more fun versus work. I will continue this all year. I will definitely be attending more all-girls cocktail parties; if not other people’s, I will be hosting them.”

Tom Billings

“I want to sneak into the all-girls cocktail parties, but I’ll have to find something to wear in drag. I won’t keep it long because I won’t be invited.”