Bonnie Mc Keown

“Being in love is just an infatuation, but really loving someone is actually doing stuff on their behalf and thinking of them as well as yourself.”

Brianna Dye

“There is definitely a difference. Loving someone is simply liking someone for your benefit, but being in love, is loving someone for who they are. I think that’s the biggest difference that a lot of people get confused with. If you are in love with someone because they compliment you, that’s not necessarily being in love. Being in love is when you compliment that person and vice versa, but you love that person for who they are and not for their benefit on you.” 

Brigette Winters

“The difference is in the heart. The person you love in your heart, you would do things for that person like buy shoes, buy clothes, buy milk, want to feed and comfort them, but the person you are in love with you’ll want to grasp, hold, hug, and always stay close to them — not only show them warmth and comfort but also show them the beauty in them. The person you really love, you will go out of your way to help them, show them how to get a job, how to pay bills, whatever you think they are lacking. I think being in love is best.”

Cliffton McFowler

“In my opinion, in order to love someone, you have to first love yourself, and if I love myself, then I’m able to be in love with someone else. I think the difference between loving someone and being in love is loving yourself.”  

Eunice Dye

“I think just loving someone is showing that you have the basic care for someone, but being in love is showing an unconditional love, and it’s beyond just yeah, I care for this person, or I don’t want this person to get hurt, the normal things. I don’t think one is better than the other, I think they both coincide with each other. I think you can’t be in love with someone without loving them first, so then you fall in love.” 

John Smith

“Being in love is when you’re with a person and you’re feeling you just can’t be without them. Loving someone, for me, is unconditional. I just love everybody. I don’t think one is better than the other.”

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