Austin Community Laundromat, Madison and Central 

Joy Rice

“His life and his legacy impact my life because I’m able to do things freely. I don’t have to look over my shoulder and worry about the white man telling me what I can and cannot do. There’s still a little racism and discrimination out here, but it’s better now than when he was here. He fought for us, and we have freedom now.”

Richard Turner

“It has given me the strength and motivation to make changes for my grandchildren, their children, and for their grandchildren to come.”

Candace Baker

“It has impacted me in that it started out from the roots, and what he did enabled me to go back in history and see how our people went through the struggle and why we are more successful today than back in the day. It’s not really carried on, but it needs to be carried on. The kids these days are not going to know about Dr. King because they don’t stress it today; it’s more about technology. Hopefully, his legacy will carry on.”

Jessica Hall

“Dr. King’s life and legacy has impacted my life because if it wasn’t for him, we would be out here being pushed by dogs, eaten by dogs, and beaten by sticks and other things. Right now, because of him, we have the freedom and the peace to live our lives.”

Leo Swan

“It has impacted my life a great deal. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen a lot of things happening out here in the world, especially among our black brothers and sisters. Every time I see one of the young brothers walking down the streets with their pants hanging, it makes me want to pull them aside and tell them there’s a better way and to encourage them. Dr. King was a great man; his work has inspired me to become a minister.”

Dante Blackledge

“Dr. King’s life has impacted me in a most significant way, which all black Americans can testify to. I look at Rosa Parks as starting the movement, and her refusing to get off the bus, and then Dr. King taking the movement up, leading to the passage of the Civil Rights Bill that allowed black people to move anywhere they want to move and live in this country, and have any job that they are qualified to have. His life and legacy has had a great significance for all African Americans in this country, and I would say since his death there hasn’t been any advancement, and I’m praying God will send somebody to continue on.”