Practices are in full swing at Leif Erickson School, 3600 W. 5th Avenue in Chicago on Saturday mornings from 10am to noon

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At first glance, what we’re doing in Chicago’s Garfield Park might seem like just a friendly game of baseball. It’s so much more than that.

Kids learn a lot about the game of life through the game of baseball — the importance of teamwork, the critical skill of perseverance, and a rule that serves just as well off the field as on: never take your eye off the ball.

What they learn on the field follows them home, goes with them to school, and pops up everywhere in between. Which is why this is so much more than just a game of baseball.

And it’s why the best coaches in nearly every sport will tell you that, sometimes, the hardest part is just showing up. But once you get involved here, and see the difference you can make, you’ll find that leaving is even harder.


Dawn Ferencak

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