CHICAGO, IL – January 27, 2014 – Loretto Hospital announced today of its plans to partner with PCC Community Wellness Center (PCC) to expand the primary care services that it currently offers to the Austin and surrounding communities. 

“With ObamaCare in full swing, people can now choose where they want to receive care. Our decision to collaborate with PCC is our way of ensuring that the residents of Austin and surrounding areas has quality medical services and healthcare right in their own community,” Dr. Sonia Mehta said, CEO and CMO at Loretto Hospital.

Similar to Loretto’s longstanding commitment to its primary patient base, PCC has provided quality healthcare to medically underserved residents on the west side of Chicago since 1980. Plus, what is now becoming more popular among Federally Qualified Health Centers like PCC, it has opened extensions or satellite branches in various other hospitals with a mindset of reaching more of the underserved population that seek care in facilities they may not be able to afford. 

Although Loretto Hospital currently offers its patients quality primary care, geriatric medicine, an eye clinic and behavioral health services, PCC will bring additional access to health service lines including: pediatrics, women’s health, family planning and dentistry. Along with the services that Loretto provides, the hospital is a site to register individuals for health insurance.

“As a physician and leader in this community, I want to personally ensure that Austin residents has access to better standards, better care and better outcomes,” Dr. Mehta said. “And for those individuals who come to Loretto and do not have health insurance, we will help them register to find the right coverage,” she said.

Both healthcare facilities maintain a social responsibility platform by its community health and outreach programs. For more than 70 years, Loretto Hospital has been a beacon in the Austin Community by providing outreach programs such as itsGolden Life Senior Wellness Program, James D. Montgomery Men’s Health Program, Breath Easy Asthma Clinic, as well as its annual Visit with Santa and Back-to-School Fitness Fun Fest events. In addition to Loretto’s community programs, PCC will offer health education and outreach services, as well as the Austin Produce Market. 

“This is an exciting time for Loretto.  For a long time, we have made plans to reestablish specialty areas such as our former pediatrics unit and our women’s health center. Joining forces with PCC will help us make these services available to the community this year,” Dr. Mehta said.

To learn more about Loretto Hospital and its services, go To learn more about PCC Community Wellness Center, please visit PCC’s website