Robert Hughes

“The Seahawks because they are a good team and they have got that number one defense.”


“The Seahawks because they have the number one defense.  I gambled just $25 because they are not really my team.  Yes, I’m going to a Super Bowl Party.” 

Patrick Carr

“I don’t care who wins.  I am going to watch it; I just don’t care who wins.” 


“I’m rooting for the Broncos because that’s the team with Payton Manning.  I am going to watch the game on eight TVs at work.”

Lynn Johnson

“I have to go with the Bronco’s because I like Payton Manning.  I put about $25 down on the game.  I’m not going to a party. I will just watch it at home because I have to get ready and go to work tomorrow.”


“No, I am not going to watch the Super Bowl because I don’t like football.  I am going to sleep and enjoy my time off, my weekend. May the best team win!  I don’t know who that is though!”