Would you say you are quick or slow to anger, and how do you control your anger?

  Walgreen’s parking lot, Laramie and Madison

Basia Dupree
“I am slow to anger because I have a lot of patience. I have a four-year-old son, and I am a nurse.  I work at a nursing home, and I have a lot of patience.  When I get angry, I just count it off, 1, 2, 3.”

Calvin McGeowan
” I am quick to anger because sometimes a lot of people make me mad.  Where I am slow is, I slow it down. I had to learn how to control my anger because if someone makes me mad, and I do something, I’d end up in jail.”

Donte Nenamon
“I get mad fast because I have anger management problems.  When I get mad, I walk off to control myself.”

Madge Slowly
“I am slow to anger.  I am not quick to get upset.  I keep myself calm by walking away.”

Maxe Brown
“I am slow to anger because I don’t get mad that fast.  I might get mad fast, but I respond slowly.  If someone makes me angry, I say wait a minute, let me slow you a little bit. I don’t do mines (anger) fast, I do mines slowly.”

Randy Williams
“I get mad fast.  If somebody mess with me, and I don’t want to play, I get mad fast.  I handle my anger by either walking off or going and play basketball.”