Location: Austin Public Library, Central Avenue at Lake Street

LaShonda Hooks

“I admire my mother, Linda, because even though we have our little moments and argue, by her being older, it’s a lot of things she be going through, but she always got a smile or her face, and she always pull through all right.”

Ishmeal Abdullah

“I admire Akon, the rapper, because of everything he overcame — being broke, poor. His family didn’t have anything. He still came to America and made it. He still did his thing and overcame it all.”

Robert Heard

“Dr. Martin Luther King, basically because I liked his fortitude. He stood up for what he believed in to the bitter end. Wow, what greater person to be like than him?” 

Darren Taylor

“Malcolm X, because I liked the strength he showed and the perseverance it took for him to stand up for what he believed in, in spite of the things that were out there and coming against him.”  

Shawn Patterson

“I admire people like Dr. King and Malcolm X, men with good leadership for black America. Someone who’s about education and a good family man. Someone to look up to.” 

Michael Wade

“I never wanted to emulate nobody. I admired my older brother, Roy. He’s deceased now. He’s been gone about 35 years. He got killed young, but I admired him because he was a cool guy.”