Aletha Howell

“The legacy I would like to leave my kids is to keep having that respect and that positive attitude, and to stay strong; to do whatever you have to do to survive.” 

Brian Hoard

“I would like to have made changes in our youth and to have created more programs and opportunities for them to succeed. To have enlightened them on the ways of the world; to be more kind and considerate and not so aggressive towards people; and to always make your first decision your best decision.”

Jerome Bailey

“Bringing people to Christ because nothing is possible without Christ.  I’ll tell the world that.”

Joyce Moore

“The legacy I would like to leave is that in order to be successful in life, you have to put God first. Always have a mind of your own, and to remember you have to thank God for the victory in Jesus’ name.”

Richard Turner

“Always work toward world peace, and to be about love and sharing.”

Sarah Hardnett

“Right now, I’m in school to become a paramedic, so I want to save lives and to be a better influence on people. Later, I want to open my own business. A school that will teach everybody — all races, not just African-Americans — so they can better the world and not just live in the ghetto, but get more exposure. That’s my life’s plan.”