Opinions matter, but historical facts matter even more 

I admit that I am opinionated. It is rare to have a “no comment” flow from my mouth, pen or keyboard. And on some issues, I have very strong opinions that I am incapable of being middle-of-the-road about. My arguments are tight and my words are like razors.  Many of those issues can be seen whether here in this column or on my Facebook page. 

Recently, a very well-respected journalist posted an article on her FB page, detailing how authorities were looking into reports that illegal alien females were being sexually-abused in the factories or fields where they are working. I didn’t have a problem with the article. No woman wants to see another woman raped.  But then the well-respected journalist added her own comment/opinion to the article, basically stating that what those women are alleged to be going through is the same as what African-American women went through during slavery. Well, that two cents comment got my dander up. I saw 12 Years A Slave, and knowing my history the way I do, that movie was, to me, “slavery-lite.” 

Slaves were the property of their owners. They never had any governmental agencies looking into their “allegations” of anything. They never had the right to accuse their rapist and file a complaint. The even bigger difference is that the slave women were raped by the men who owned them and, thus, how can you rape what you own when a slave had no right to say “no.” The laws were in favor of the owner. And so for this journalist to claim that allegations are equivalent to historical facts, well, that pissed me off royally.

I am sick and tired of people who try to take any situation and re-label it as “just like slavery.” We are already a people in need of physiological therapy for the mental and physical anguish we went through for upwards of 20 or more generations. If women who are here illegally are being raped, their options include: identify and have the perpetrator arrested; quit the job; fight back; or return back home to the safety of their country. Now can someone tell me which of those suggestions was available to an enslaved black woman? The answer: NONE.

No illegal alien woman has been raped, impregnated and then had her child sold away for money like what occurred during slavery. No male slave would dare to rape a female slave unless he desired immediate castration or death. If women here illegally can point out their rapist, that person will be arrested and charged. Every slave woman could point to her master and call him her rapist and the laws were on his side and not hers.

Needless to say, the journalist and I got into a heated posting debate. I cannot think of a single situation that is occurring today that I could even begin to label it “as comparing to what black people went through during slavery.” 

Slaves didn’t get to punch in and punch out. There wasn’t any investigative authority to turn to with allegations of mistreatment. Slavery was the absolute and complete domination of a person’s life from birth until death. 

You won’t find a Jew comparing anything to the Holocaust. You won’t find a black Muslim denigrating the honorable Elijah Muhammad. When a black person compares our history to others, it shows that person’s ignorance and makes what we went through irrelevant. When a person does it, they should be confronted immediately and chastised accordingly. There isn’t a single descendant of an enslaved African who didn’t go through — and much worse — than what was portrayed in 12 Years A Slave.  

So if anyone can name a legitimate current event/situation that you would readily compare to what slaves endured, please let me know. Trust me…I will have a response.

—Arlene Jones

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