Dawn Ferencak and her son Paxton Ferencak

From Dan Haley, publisher of Austin Weekly News:

I’m very pleased to announce that we are promoting Dawn Ferencak to associate publisher of the Austin Weekly News. This title recognizes the broad and powerful role that Dawn (and junior associate publisher Paxton Ferencak) play in representing the weekly across the West Side.

It has been remarkable to watch and to participate as Dawn has built a strong revenue base for this publication and has done that by building an astounding network of West Siders who participate actively in the networking groups which Dawn has built from scratch. This is a textbook study of community organizing meeting community journalism. And it is powerful. 

The next step is our effort to create the Austin Weekly News Foundation as a means to sustain our efforts on the West Side — journalistically, digitally and in community networks. It is a big undertaking but we have begun the planning.