JI Jones

” ‘Are you Okay?’ They asked me that after my mother died, and I thought, No, I’m not okay.  What the hell do you think?” 

Aaron Dade

“I ran into an old friend who asked me where I was going. I said I was on my to my Cousin John’s funeral, and he asked me, ‘Oh, is he dead?” 


“This lady at my school was a substitute, and she asked me,  ‘Are you African-American or are you mixed with something?’ I told her I was Black, and she laughed and said obviously. I looked at her and thought apparently not to you because you asked me such a stupid question.”  

Sy Bounds

 “I’ve had people ask me so many stupid questions that it’s hard to choose just one.  Usually, when someone asks me a stupid question, I just look at them in amazement.”


“I have had a lot of people ask me stupid questions, especially when I was younger. One time, this woman asked my older brother and I our birthdates, then she asked if we were identical twins even though we told her two different months and dates for our birthday,” 

Money Mike

The dumbest question for me always seems to be when someone in my family dies and someone hugs me and asks, ‘Are you okay, or how are you doing?’ What do they expect me to say, when someone has just died, I feel good?”