Austin Coming Together is holding the Austin Neighborhood Restoration Summit this Saturday from 10am to 2pm at By the Hand Club (415 N Laramie).
Volunteers needed for welcoming and directing attendees to workshops, as well as helping with our “neighborhood planning charettes” from 12:30-2pm (see the attached outline for more details).


1. Classroom Set-up (12:15-12:30)

  • a. Set-up two large tables in 2 classrooms (4 tables in total)
  • b. Cover each table with butcher paper, write down the different aspiration on each table, and provide pens
  • c. Assign a facilitator for each table

2. Opening Presentation (12:30-12:45)

  • a. Who is Austin Coming Together?

               i. Background

               ii. Vision, Mission, Values

               iii. Member organizations

  • b. What are our aspirations?

               i. Every child is a proficient reader by 3rd

               ii.Every youth graduates from high school

               iii. All adults have pathways to living wage jobs

               iv. No vacant buildings

  • c. What is the purpose of having a neighborhood plan?

               i. There is a difference between intentions and strategy

               ii. We want to show the world what Austinites want for

  • d. What do we want to accomplish today?

               i. We want your ideas for how to reach our aspirations

               ii. We want to know who wants to get involved and how their neighborhoods

3. Transition to Classrooms (12:45-1:00)

4. Welcome and Introduction (1:00-1:10)

  • a. Review Purpose of Charettes
  • b. Icebreaker
  • c. Groundrules

5. Session 1 (1:00-1:15)

  • a. Question: What are the biggest barriers to (name aspiration)?

6. Rotate (1:15-1:20)

7. Session 2 (1:20-1:35)

  • a. Question 1: Are there are barriers that are missing?
  • b. Question 2: What are your neighborhood assets that can help us overcome this barrier?

8. Rotate (1:35-1:40)

9. Session 3 (1:40-1:55)

  • a. Question 1: Are there barriers that are missing?
  • b. Question 2: Are there assets that are missing?
  • c. Question 3: How would you or others get involved?

10. Re-convene (1:55-2:00)

11.Harvest (2:00-2:15)