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Dominique White

“Yes, I would tell because of the safety of my friend. I want my friend to be with a faithful person and not a dishonest person, and I hope that my friend would do the same for me. If she turns her back on me because I told, then she is not my friend.”

Tammie Bryant

“Yes, I will tell. I believe in loyalty, commitment, and faithfulness. If she turns on me, it’s OK. Long as I know that in my heart it was pure that I told, I did the right thing.”

Jasmine Davis

“Yes, because that’s not right for them to be with someone else. If my friend turns on me and doesn’t believe me, then that’s all right; they’ll see it for their own eyes.”

Ravon Lewis

“Yes, I would tell. It will be the right thing to do because it’s wrong to cheat. If they don’t believe me, I’d take a video and show them. If they get mad at me, and tell me to mind my own business, I don’t care if they get mad because it will be the right thing to do to tell.” 

Gregory Wright

“Yes, I’d tell because I wouldn’t want him to be hurt in that situation. If I was there with him and that came up, I’d tell. It’s a man code. From a man’s standpoint, I think I should talk. If he gets mad and tells me to mind my own business, then I’ll just mind my own business.”

Shaunta Hill

“No, I would not tell because it’s not my business. In a situation like that, your friend will turn against you for their significant other, so I’d just mind my own business and stay out of their business. Just like I would not want him to tell me that my lady is cheating because nine times out of 10, I might think that he’s trying to get with my lady. It’s a lot of stuff behind that.”

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