5700 Block of West Iowa 

Robert Sample

” I would give her one chance, and if it didn’t happen again, we would be fine.  My wife did cheat on me, and it never happened again.  That was back in the ’80s.  We’ve been together 30 years.”

Marty Smith 

First, I would forgive her, and I would probably give her the three strikes and you’re out because you’re not sure, but if I caught her, she is out that day.  There is no forgiveness if I caught you.”

Keanna Ford

“Yeah, the first time I will forgive him, but the second time I would get rid of him because he did it a second time and that means he doesn’t care.  If he constantly keeps doing it, I’m not worth much to him.  If we were married, that’s a different story, a way different story because we’re married, but if we were just boyfriend and girlfriend, and he kept doing it, I would get rid of his butt.”

Gregory Booker

” Well, I would give her another chance because nobody’s perfect. One, bad on me, two, bad on her, and three, that’s far as you can go, so three chances.  If my wife cheated on me, she gets two chances. The third shot and you’re out of here.” 


“Depending on what the cheating is about. They would get one chance and that’s it.  No matter how long we’ve been together.