The importance of politics can never be undervalued. From the mandated birth certificate that one must get when you’re born until the death certificate that is rendered at the end, those are political decisions made by man. Worst are all the other decisions made in between.
Politics affects every aspect of our lives. Jobs that are created and jobs that have left this country are all part of the political process. Even religion is part of the political process because it determines where a church can and cannot be placed. If you can think of a single thing that isn’t affected by politics, let me know. even if the initial action wasn’t political in nature, politics will play a part in the eventual outcome.
We have just gone through the primary for the national midterm elections. For those of you who didn’t vote, the candidates who are running and will eventually legislate your life are halfway done with the race — halfway because we still have a general election in November where you’ll get to choose from which party the various candidates who are running will rule. Will the next governor be a Republican or will we stick with the Democrat?
 Following the midterm November elections, we’ll have the municipal elections. That is where the current mayor and the aldermen will run, claiming that all they want to do is what is best for you. But one glance out your front door and most of black Chicago can attest to that being a very disingenuous statement. From the pothole-ravaged streets that are always worst in the black community, to the closed schools, to the Xs and empty lots that not dot the entire landscape here in the Austin community, the current mayor and aldermen are doing a piss-poor job.
Recently the mayor (I can’t stand to even say or write his name) announced that he might just have to raise property taxes 100 percent. What stood out the most to me when he made that announcement were all the black folks he had lined up to do the bobble-head nod. In most of his other press conferences, he normally has his young, white, nobody-knows-them-cause-they-came-from-out-of-town-and-don’t-know-Chicago-worth-a-damn commissioners and deputy commissioners. So this same mayor who couldn’t or wouldn’t enter black churches to debate when he was running now finds it convenient to use black folks because it is suiting his needs.
 Rumor has it that the current mayor had grandiose plans to run for higher office. Those plans got waylaid when black folks started recognizing that “if it looks like a snake, slithers like a snake, and hisses like a snake” then it is exactly the serpent it manifests itself to be.
Lately the mayor has been all over WVON-1690 AM to try and reach out to the very voters whose neighborhoods he has actively been destroying. Now he wants to help ex-offenders get jobs and talk at private breakfasts about how when he calls to console a mother whose child has been killed, she is always a single mom without a man in the house. After not giving a damn about the black community, he now needs our votes to remain in office.
My suggestion is very simple. Take all he has positive to offer. Take the jobs. Take the money. Take the gifts. But come the municipal election of 2015, don’t vote for him.
He wasn’t sent here by the POTUS. He was kicked out of the White House and they are glad he’s gone.
If you’re “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” then vote come Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015 and make sure we kick out of office an individual who has done nothing for the past three years but make us “sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

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